07/24 POD


Finally got the Samhain proto on for a costume shot. Not super accurate obviously, but fun!

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I feel like that is a car Michael would drive. Nice pic!

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The Torino really does suit him. I think a Flat black would be perfect. :pumpkin: :myers

Awesome pic’s guys :smiley:

That Man in the Mask looks great! Got any more pics? I happen to be making the same costume and pretty much have it almost all done, just waiting on my axe and making some minor adjustments.

Hey thanks man! I actually just bought a new pair of brown corduroy pants since my other pair was too big and didn’t match the jacket. But as soon as they arrive I’ll definitely be posting full costume shots for sure.

:freddy :drinkers:


going way back into the archives. got into my photobucket account