#1 DeLuXe Jack O LaNTeRN

Hey Myers peers. I just received WarLocK’s 1st Deluxe Jack O Lantern for 2011. I am astounded by the screen accuracy of this badboy to the pumpkin in the original HaLLoWeeN :sunglasses: Enjoy and thanks for all your supportive comments :rock:

MiKey 6 LiKeS iT :laughing:

Congrats on the new score.


nice Jack, but Mickey 6 cannot like it , becsause it’s not a 6 Jack…lol :laughing:

Looks awesome, brother!! CONGRATS! \M/

Awesome Jack-O Rod, looks dead-on brother. Thanks for sharing. …ANDY

[quote=“Michael_Myers H20”]Congrats on the new score.

Thanks guy :drinkers:

Thanks bro but this particular 6 does :open_mouth:

Thank you brother :rock:

Thanks and you’re welcome awesome Andy :laughing:

VERY NICE!! :drinkers: Bob

Thank you Bob :drinkers: :drinkers:

Nice Jack-o!

Thanks Lantern man :sunglasses:

That Warlock knows Jack. Awesome piece!


[quote=“evilsmellyclown”]That Warlock knows Jack. Awesome piece!

Warlock sure does. Thanks Mike :supz:

Glad you dig the pumpkin Rod! It feels good to be offering them again this year after taking a long time off.
Thx for the comments fellas!


Beautiful :drinkers:

Very nice brother. Looks like he pulled it off the screen.

No doubt Chad :wink:

It sure is- Thanks