1978 vs 2018 + BONUS

Here’s a pic of a new score…I snagged the realistic 2018 mask off of Etsy that was mentioned in a recent thread. It goes nicely with my Nightmare mask (78). I’m displaying it with my Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Castle, and John Carpenter autographed knife.

Plus a bonus shot of a vintage Case butcher knife (it’s a tad smaller than the screen-used knife but still cool!). :rock:

That mask from Etsy didn’t disappoint I see. That’s quite impressive considering the work and detail that had to go into it to achieve that look. It’s spot on, very cool stuff :rock:

Thanks! Yeah, I’m pretty happy with it. I wish they had gone with something like this for Halloween '18. It’s creepy as shit.

You’re welcome :wink:

In all fairness, I did wait a few days after you’d mentioned it to make sure you didn’t buy it! :laughing: :wink:

Thanks for pointing it out, though!

No problem. I was iching to pull the trigger. But vet bills kept me from buying it. It looks cool man. Glad someone from the site bought it.

That’s an awesome mask brother !:jack_o_lantern:

Thank you!

That present day Hero is fantastic friend. Would love to score one of those, kudos!

Man that Hero replica is special.

Great pick up!

So happy someone here picked it up. I wish H’18 had went with a look like that. There is nothing authentic or natural about the “aging” the team envisioned for the mask to me.

Can it be worn though? Plus I was eyeballing that Case knife but another chance will pop up

Idk, they did use actual rotten masks from 40 years ago in person and studied them for the rot details on the H40.

Then there is the artistic twist on it too