1981 H2 autos 1/64

Well I just can’t seem to leave the 1/64 scale alone, lol. Latest set of cars represents HalloweeN II 1981. Chevy bel air, Ford Mustang, 2 dodge Monaco deputy cars, one of which is flying into the dodge A100 van, marshalll’s coronet (little dark on color, but couldn’t disasemble enough for total repaint), and the infamous 79/80 ford ambulance in a continued 78 film, lol. What do you all think of these in terms of accuracy? Thanks for looking.

These things are just freaking awesome. Honestly, if you ever made more of these along with the H1 cars, and put them up for sale, I would buy them asap.

Thank you very much, I know this is not the thread for this, but yeah if anyone is interested in any of the cars, shoot me a PM and will see what we can do. I’ve already started on the H4 line up, still have a few more there to do, as well as H5. Then I will be moving on to H6,7,8. Thanks again for viewing and any interest that might be out there.

Great job Eric! Love the Tramer scene :smiley: You gotta throw that little sucker in there :laughing:
Total 81 flashback brother :drinkers: :rock:

That’s what I’ve been waiting for since he started doing these. :drinkers:

Thanks Don and nowonmai, you mean like this… Still trying to work on “fake” fire. Lol. Thanks again guys.

BOOM, that’s the money shot! :sunglasses:

Hell yeah

Really great job, again. Love them!