2 new scores

Hey Peeps. Here are some pics of my Nightmare/ JC and Tommy 2.0 by Adisson. Couldn’t be more happier with these two fine pieces. Thanks for looking.

cool scores…Dean

very nice man :rock:

Nice bra’ !

Great scores brotha!!

Great looking pieces Hugo! Hope your Nightmare didn’t come with a Greek fly permanently attached to the inside like mine did… :unamused:

that nightmare :open_mouth:

They are both awesome…but that Nightmare :open_mouth: Holy Geeze!!! JC killed that thing :open_mouth:
Congrats on the scores!!!

Damn, that Nightmare loos awesome! The Leatherface looks good, but I’m not very educated of Leatherface, but it still looks awesome. 2 very good scores man.

That Nightmare is sick! :open_mouth:

Wow Hugo! :open_mouth: Very cool man. Definitley one of the best Nightmares I’ve seen!!! :drinkers: Congrats buddy! They both look great :rock:


Two nice pick up’s Hugo!

Congrats bro, two great mask! :drinkers:

Thanks for the kind words Dean, HalloweenKiller, Ryn, Mike, Brandon, Knightnite05, Nick, Swatmaster, Zombiejoy, Jay, Jim, Paul and Storm. I really appreciate the comments guys. :drinkers:

Big congrats on those two, both look awesome! That nightmare is a beast. :rock:

I miss that Nightmare, Hugo! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

cool scores man, congrats!!! really love that nightmare, very menacing! :smiley:


you have two awesome masks there my friend, super cool, that nightmare looks tremendous.