4444 My uncle K's the Nightmare man! 4444



that…is…ultimate…4!!! :open_mouth: :mrgreen:





Thanks Richard,Matthew, and Jimbo :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

BIG thanks goes to Paul for allowing the screen used HERO to be used for this project!
Another BIG thanks goes to Scott for his awesome work!

Always love seeing your shots, K!
I really wish I could pick one of these up.

Wow great pics my friend. It’s a little strange to see these because it looks so much like my hero mask. I couldn’t be happier on how these turned out.

Brother K you are the Shape. Amazing shots and mask my friend.

Damn K I think your new nickname is WILBUR.

You are on a roll my friend :smiley:
That’s one SCHWEET H4! You wear that beauty like the man himself!
Congrats Bro!

Great mask! You wear thar very well! :open_mouth:

Awesome brother K!!! I’m going to start calling you " Brother Michael" from now on. :rock: You wear your masks well. :mrgreen:

Awesome shots as usual K-man!!! :rock: :rock: :rock:

hot dog dangit :open_mouth:

Damn it Kaizu!
AMAZING shots, man! I really NEED to get one of these, but I’m broke-ass right now.
Beauty of a 4 dude, obviously the best one out there…

Great mask and pictures Kaizu!! :smiley:

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Great shots K & great lookin copy my friend.

These are looking excellent! Amazing pics! :rock:

Big thanks again John, Paul, Ryan, Scott, Jay, Joey, Hugo, James, JonL, Darren, Great Pumpkin, Ken and Nick!!
:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :drinkers:
Means so much guys!
Didn’t want to dissapoint Paul and Scott!

When Paul said he sent the mask, I had to watch H4 over again to get me in the mood.
When the box arrived today, I was blown away when I saw the mask peeking through the plastic bags it was stuffed in.
The mask screamed HERO the moment I took it out of the box. Placed it on a stand and just sat there for hours staring at it amazed on how it was in my hands.

I asked Scott to roughen up the eye cuts, to have them look as if Wilbur had them cut larger during production.
The hair is white with brown and then black sprayed over. The pull is incredibly thin so once worn, the eyes open up as seen on film. I also had Scott weather it up more to make it look as if it got all battered up after filming. This is what the mask may have looked if it were used in H5.

The mask is very small, somewhere in the range of a 99 shat. I remember reading somewhere that Wilbur said the HERO was small on him and that he had a hard time putting it on. After wearing this replica I can see why Wilbur would need them long shoulder extensions(check gallery) to keep the mask on. It’s hard to explain unless you try one of these out.lol

Oh yeah, after taking these shots I watched H4 all over again :laughing:
One things for sure…This mask is one creepy mofo :open_mouth:

Awesome score, K!
That’s one hell of an H4, really like the vintage vibe this thing has going on. :sunglasses: