75k costume shots and 3 videos

not a myers…but you get the idea

some vids

looks like someone finally grew some balls and posted pics of their 75k :laughing:

great pics john. that’s gotta be the most myers-like kirk ever…fantastic pics and vids!

Good stuff John, that mask is out of control. :rock:

Jon’s always had balls, he actually wears and does his masks justice. He doesnt brag that something is nice then never backs it up. He’s always gone out of his way to promote and do his masks justice.

All you 75K owners really got me into the favor of buying a 75K.

daaayuummmm - great shots man

That thing is sick. Looks evil the way it is :smiling_imp:

Love how the mask’s right goes inward :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
That’s missing from a alot of replicas :bulb:
You make any mask look like a million bucks Jon :mrgreen:

Cool pics, Jonny-boy! Nice job messing up the hair, it looks awesome.

thanks guys…i’d love to have jc do one of these up h2 for me :rock:

Looks great!!

Wow! That mask is INSANE!! Nice videos too! You make a great Myers!

Those video were great. Donnie is right, great job jacking up that hair.

Very nice. You wear that puppy all to well. By far my favorite Kirk.

Jonno you were made to play Myers.


It fits you like a glove Jon, and looks even better!

This was the first thing I noticed when I got the promos from Nik. Awesome shots of a spectacular mask! :rock:

Great Vids!
Fits you real good Jon!

thanks for the nice words everyone!