A Halloween 2020 unique score

This won’t be for everyone but I absolutely LOVE it!!! Just bought this and can’t wait for it to show up. SCREAMS Halloween for my tastes!
Witch Lamp 7.jpg
Don’t let COVID destroy your Halloween, you can still make your OWN regardless of all the things that may be shut down this year. Decorate to the max, get the Halloween-a-thon movies lined up and enjoy the season/holiday!

I love stuff like that, very cool!

Great find Benny. I dig it! :pumpkin:

I love the colors it makes me wanna munch on candy corn

Very cool Benny…yeah fuck this scamdemic…HALLOWEEN is happening wherever I am regardless. The PTB can take their PLANdemic and shove it…I will be performing a concert in a nearby town…and they are more then happy for it to happen.

Thanks everyone, this is definitely my score of the season…so far.

Someone with some balls haha

Its sad though, all of these people are about to let their government tell them which holidays they can and can’t celebrate. If anything, Halloween is the safest holiday during THIS pandemic since masks are so effective at keeping you safe, just keep one on. And if anyone is worried, just don’t identify as a “Trick-or-Treater” just say “I’m protesting” and you’re guaranteed to stay COVID free!

Very interesting man, I love stuff like that. Very cool find there! :rock:

what an awesome score! I’d love to own this