A large amount of new HII costume shots

Pulled out the coveralls and took some new shots! JC my man still love this mask :slight_smile:

Lisa wanted me to hold her balloon lol

Hope you guys enjoy!

Nice pics Jon, I love this mask too, lol. It’s still to this day one of my favorite H-2’s. I love pic #15 BTW, definitely my favorite. Thanks for sharing. …ANDY

Really cool shots, looks very screen accurate.


Jon, I’m coming to your house trick or treating and I’m not leaving until I see this mask in my treat bag!!! :mrgreen:

Bad ass pics Jon!
To bad I can’t afford this one along with the Hagatha.
James really knocked that sucker out of the park.
This mask and a few KH/DW’s, SLE’s are still the best H2’s around.

A large amount of nice shots
Man that is a sweet H2 mask you have there - Ced

Sweet pics Jon! Love the balloon pic! Give my love to Lisa. :smiley: :rock: :drinkers:

those are some awesome shots!!! put some bullet holes into that thing!

:open_mouth: Awesome mask man

Great shots and mask Jon!!!

Cool shots Jon! :slight_smile:
Glad you still have the Halloween spirit!

Great shots jon, Glad to see u suit up!

Awesome shots Jon! :rock: :rock: :rock: You wear that bad boy well and I do mean WELL! Glad you love it and thanks guys!


Nice costume shots jon, that mask is a beauty!