A little PREVIEW (new pic 8/25)

Picked up this perfect H2 mask from Sam this weekend at Monster Mania. This is a picture of the mask before I even bought it and had Sam make into an exposed mask.

And me and Sam after he made the cut.

Thats very cool he made it an exposed mask right there thats pretty awesome?

Love my RZ masks from Sam :rock:
Especially the RZH2.
nice pick up :rock:

Very cool brother. Sam’s the man.

Nice mask. Very cool that you got it cut on the spot. I really need to get one of those. I love my HSS revolver but I would love it even more with one of those sitting next to it.

congratulations on an awesome score. and its cool that you got the pic before the conversion.


Sweet score :smiley:

SO AWESOME Matt!!! Please do a huge photoshoot with that costume!!

Nice! congrats!

Sam’s H2 mask is the best IMO

Couldn’t agree more.

nice get up matt! i bet that was a good time~ + your lady friends celebrity status… boss!

Here’s another small pic (from Monster Mania):

Just bad-ass!! :drinkers: