A Mask From “Back Then” that You Miss?

Hello Everyone.

Is there a mask, regardless of the kind that has been burned into your memory and you very much miss? For me it was two of them. As a child in the 80’s I had a Polaroid picture of me taken with a very convincing werewolf mask on. The latex was thin but also strong. The features were very realistic skin-wise. It seemed to be a combination of dark browns and black on the face part. The nose was also very well sculpted and the hair was laid down with care and love. As far as I could remember it was definitely a full overhead mask. You could tell collectors would go crazy over something like this. The tragic part is I was too young to know who distributed something like that. It could have been anyone from Be Something to Don Post Studios at the time.
The other mask would have been when I was in Junior High. This would have been in the mid nineties. It was a Phantom of the Opera Mask that was made of possibly vinyl for the outside mask and latex for the mask underneath it. The way it worked was that it covered the top half of your face in a horizontal fashion with an elastic band attached to the inner scarred looking part. The outer part was the smooth white mask that hid it and could be removed from one Velcro tab from both corners. The burned part would be revealed. It could have been an early Fun World Mask but who knows.
I’m sorry to ramble but wanted to be as specific as I could be.

As the title suggests, is there a mask in general that you have trouble finding again?

Copy of the limited run Cinema Secrets H8 mask. Regret selling it to this day.

I’m sorry to hear that. I can relate. :disappointed:. I didn’t own one but can only imagine.

my nightmare :broken_heart:

My 05 Psycho I sold. It was a special copy. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I have the LM103 and I don’t know if I could ever get rid of it. Was yours an LM103 as well?

I forgot the specific name they had, but there were only a handful made, came with the Certificate of Authenticity

:cry: My KH/DW #23

My H78. I sold it a couple years back and they’ve only gotten rarer. Same with Maniacs, actually.