About Posting "Kills" or "Ends" Spoiler Topics

Sorry to be a complainer, but can we please stop posting spoilers titles directly on the forum outside of the Kills and Ends discussion. It’s a bummer every time to see “this person cast to be in this movie.” Some of us want to go into it completely fresh… I realize these forums are for the the hardcore fans and we all get excited about this stuff, but let’s try and refrain from posting spoiler titles. I have no problem with new topics, but don’t put the spoiler right there for all to see. I post maybe once every year or two, but I’m on here every day haha, I love this place and don’t want to have to avoid signing on! P.S. if no one else feels this way, I don’t expect it to change just for me! All the drama to infiltrate the MM forums the last few years is a big headache and the last thing I want to do is add to it!

I agree. I hope the mods stay on top of it and insta-ban (full blown IP ban) anyone who posts a spoiler in the thread title. Spoilers in general should be a suspendable offense UNLESS posted in spoiler tags, or the text is blacked out where you have to scroll over it to see, and it’s accompanied by a spoiler warning.

A number of years ago I had a HUUUGE spoiler ruined for me because some asshole posted it directly in the thread title. My eyes just happened to glace over it for a split second and from that point on the movie was ruined. I don’t want that to happen again.

Yeah I agree too…I already know too much about those too movies…and I wanted to sit in the theater not knowing anything at all… : (

Everytime I complain about this subject, the reaction I get is “what’s the big deal?” or “don’t he such a baby”…pretty annoying