An article I think you'll all enjoy ;)

Agree? Disagree? Either way, it’s an entertaining list

That’s cool, I would change a few and add 1 or 2 but pretty close to my top 10.

I’d add that one scene in H20 where Mike crushes the girl’s leg with the elevator and stabs her to death

That’s a good list with the exception of the H6 electrocution kill. It would have been fine if the filmmakers wouldn’t have done the ridiculous exploding head bit.

Agreed. Why did they have to have an exploding head in a Halloween movie? The Producer’s Cut death was much better, IMO

Great list, I’ve always liked that nice ride kill in H-5, pure viciousness. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the phone kill/scene in H-1, but it seemed a little too light to be on that list IMO, it’s still a great kill regardless. This was a fantastic list, thanks for bringing this to my attention. …ANDY

Agree completely, Darren. :drinkers:

Thanks for posting this, Nosferatu! Good read. \M/

Okkk where is the H6 surgeon room massacare when he slays like 5 people with the machete… that def should have been top 5…

i always thought H2, H6, and H20 had good kills. i like the one where michael kills a guard with a hammer