Announcing the KX H6 Kurse mask

******* ATTENTION EVERYONE *******


Kreation X & Myself are very proud to announce the brand new Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers SCREEN-USED molded mask!

Mike Of Kreation X bought the screen-used mask blank about 8 years ago from a private collector, mask fully intact & still preserved. A month ago he decided he wanted to go forward and make an H6 mask & went directly off his Screen-Used movie mold blank & Wallah!

This mask was cast FROM one of THE SCREEN-USED MOVIE MOLD BLANKS used during the filming of Halloween 6.The Mask is a medium-thin pull, sized @ 23.5 inches. The Hair is fur, dark reddish brown as seen in the film. The paint,weathering,& detail on this mask is none like I’ve ever see before. ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS IN EVERY SINGLE WAY.

I want to give a huge thanks to Mike for making this project happen & giving me the honor of announcing the mask. Also letting me take the Official photos & video for the Kreation X website.

Below is the promo VIDEO of the 1st completed prototype, which I now own. Worn shots will follow in the next week or so Stay tuned!!!


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I know it’s cast from a movie mold mask, but for some reason it just looks off to me . . . sort of bloated.

Well, in my opinion, the casting ws not done well, the features and details look VERY soft and not as sharp as on my GP H6.

its cool for the price. $175 is not bad for that piece.



i was just going to say that! :laughing: Seriosly sick man! That is a beast!!! :rock: :drinkers:

I think the paint job could be a bit better and something does seem to be off about it but not a bad price.

I had some doubts about it myself but Jimmy paid me a visit today with the proto in hand and it was a great looking 6. It looked more like the movie mask than anything I’ve seen. I want one.

Saw it today in person. It’s one hell of an H6.

Actually the mask was casted from a blank from the molds, not the screen used mask.

There are so many inconsistencies and misleading statements in the above product description that it makes me facepalm. Will somebody who knows the definition of specialized terms like “screen-used” and “mold” please help correct the above statements to reflect what this product ACTUALLY is?



The Mask itself looks fine, the paint job needs help and so does the hair. other then that almost looks like the screen used.

CGP H6 is affordable mask and it’s from screenused mask so in my eyes it is the best :drinkers: :drinkers: and btw that mask i nice looking but that movie mold blank that KX have looks very different then kurse mask…maybe he didn’t claypressed it very good :bulb: as far as the paintjob goes it could have been better and hair is just prefect :smiley:

this is what my first “seriously?” post was concerning. i dont think Mike is trying to mislead anyone, the listing on his website reflects what the mask is. Not sure why this announcement states differently.

Looks pretty damn nice to me. :smiley:

agreed. the eyes have that puffy look recasts sometimes get.

Considering this is cast from a movie mold blank, I feel it’s a bargain if you’re looking for a nice H6 mask and don’t have a lot of money to unload. Last time I checked, it’s hard to find a good H6 mask under $200.


I’m with Ryan, here. The description states that the mask comes from a “screen used movie mold blank”, in one paragraph, but goes on to say that it originates from the “screen used movie molds used during the filming of Halloween 6”, in another. The “fully intact and preserved” screen-used H6 was also included in the product description and the video states that the mask originates “directly from the screen-used mask” . Personally, I think the description could use some serious cleaning up, as it is VERY deceiving.

Actually the Ghasty Pro is a VERY DETAILED mask that has the screen used sculpt in some form or fashion (not sure where it exactly originated ik it had to be casted from a mask that was from the molds.) and its waaaaaaaaay cheaper than the KX Kurse :slight_smile:.

Just saying that the KX Kurse is not alone with being affordable.

First off, I’d like to say I find it exciting to see a new H6 mask out. I love the H6 look, and it’s always nice to see new variations on it.
Ok, well I’m in the same boat as most of the other guys here to be honest. I think something went wrong when pressing/casting this from the movie mold blank that is mentioned on his website. The paintjob is letting this proto/preview mask down HUGELY, as it appears to be bland and washed out. The details just dont deem to be there. I’d like to see another one of these with a paintjob similar to the SSN GPW’s or early Brad Hardin H6’s. I have to say, I do like the mouth on this mask. The lower portion (mouth, jaw, chin) seem to be very accurate to me. I think with the right paintjob, that part would look stunning. It’s just the nose/bridge of the nose/eyes that throw me off this. (A usual sign of a poor recast) and sadly, I think that is where this has suffered. Big up to KreationX for doing this project, and it’s nice to see a mask related to a screen used for under $200, but I just feel it needs abit of work, compared to other H6’s that are available currently.