Any feed back? My first attempt at a H40 repaint

:myers: My first repaint, not the best but not the worst either IMO. Will try again.

Looks great man. Well done.

Thank you very much.

If that’s your first then you’re on your way to becoming a real talent in this hobby! Good stuff man

Looks better than it did. Way to go.

Looks good to me :slight_smile:

Great job!! I dig it.

For your first you’ve done a great job.

Much appreciated

Very kind of you!

Thank you very much

Thank you!

Thank you!

Excellent job :+1::facepunch::clap:

I agree :rock: :pumpkin:

The paint job itself is very well done. The brown’s transition very smoothly and the cracks are very nice. Only suggestion would be to slit the mouth hole as that’s how it is on the screen used mask. Overall very good job. If you continue doing it, I feel you could make some money off of them.

Thank you both!

I appreciate the feedback. I’ll go back and look at the mouth.

Looks great! A bit of fullers earth dusted in the hair would deff give it an aged look!

Are you sure this is your first paint? this looks legit, great job man