Anyone else there from around the beginning?

Hi All,
Just wondering if there are others on here that were into this around 25 years or longer. For me and my story, this Myers hobby (what is now referred to as hobby) started almost 25 years ago. I had been a Myers fan probably starting in the mid 80’s. Around 1991/1992 I was offered to work in a local haunted house. I had a friend who knew someone who had a Michael Myers mask. Looking back, it might have been a DP 86. The mask was stunning. At that time, there was pretty much the DP “The Mask” and there may have been another one from HSS. However, it might have been that the guy from HSS sculpted the first mask for DP. I can’t remember though. After working at the haunted and wearing the mask. I was hooked. I mean I was already a Myers fan and everything to do with Halloween/Horror. However, after borrowing that mask, things had changed. From then on, I started purchasing Myers masks. Back then, there was no scene, you pretty much had the DP and that was it. Basically your purchasing options were finding a costume store that may of had one Don Post The Mask hanging on the wall. Just seeing this mask was thrilling at that time. It was the only Myers thing out there. There were no action figures or collectibles.

Well, I do have one pic that I would like to share. Here I am with my Myers overalls, mask and knife. Which I have at my friend’s throat. :smiley: I can’t remember if this mask was the one I borrowed or was mine. This was taken around 22 years ago.


I became hooked on Halloween and the whole Michael Myers thing after watching Halloween on T.V. on Halloween night back in 1981 (I was 12). Then, after watching it again uncut on VHS, I knew I had to get a Myers mask, somehow. So, I managed to get my hands on one of the original HSS '81 Shapes (which is now, sadly, gone. Shrivelled up and dried out, I’m afraid). Here’s a pic in my full getup on Halloween 1984.

Anyway, I’ve now got a beautiful NAG 75K H1, which I just love, and a much better Myers outfit, too. And so, my journey continues…

Love those old photos. Man, just killer. Been a fan for a long, long time. Don’t want to mention my age. :drinkers: :drinkers: :drinkers: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Been a huge Halloween / myers fan for a long time. I can always remember watching the movie Halloween around Halloween every year with my dad growing up. I just started getting into mask collecting and it’s very addicting. Although it gives me something else to collect besides posters :laughing:

Wow, you had the 81. Like I mentioned in my post, I wasn’t sure if there was a Myers mask from HSS or if that guy sculpted the first DP mask. Actually, I think it might have been both. Thanks for verifying it. I think I first watched the Halloween 1 and 2 around 1982/83. I was a immediate fan. However, it was seeing an actual Myers mask in person and then getting to wear one that really got me hooked. Hard to believe like 25-35 years later, here we are, still fans and collectors. :smiley:


The way I see it, we are vintage Myers fans. :smiley:


It does get addicting. Unfortunately, high prices keep many collections small or not as large as we would like. I am an overall Horror/Halloween collector. Not only Halloween the movies and the Holiday, but Texas Chainsaw, Romero zombie films and others. It can be tough collecting things from other parts of the genre when one part can be so expensive.


My big brother snuck us in the e-exit of the cinema downtown Las Vegas in 1978 to watch the original cause mom wouldn’t let me go to an R rated movie. We even did the Pony boy Curtis sittin on the 4 by 6’s at the drivein :laughing: I was 11 years old. In 1983 I bought a first year DP the mask from a gift shop in universal studios in California. My 9 year old daughter knows about every Halloween mask and movie already :laughing: and no she can’t watch em without me.

That is awesome you saw the original in the theater. I caught the re-release of Halloween in theaters about 1 1/2 years ago. It was awesome. I got to see little things you might not have seen on tv.


Yes, we are the originals, all right. Hardcore Halloween/Myers fans from WAYYYY back! :myers:

Here is my Don Post story. I’ve posted it before, here it is again.

I remember the movie coming out in my area of Oklahoma in 1978, or was it 79? My oldest brother and sister went to see it. They said people were running out of the theater scared to death. I saw the tv spots, the newspaper ads and also heard the radio spots. The music made me want to play the piano but the thing that got me was the flickering pumpkin at the end of the tv spot. I just thought that was the bees knees.

In 1981 I saw the tv broadcast of Halloween; I was 10 years old. After watching the movie I saw the “Masks by Don Post” in the credits and I asked my Mom to help me write a letter to Don Post about the mask from the movie. I wrote him a letter asking about the mask and if it was available; this was in November of 1981. I did not have any kind of address so I wrote down on the envelope and addressed it this way…exactly; Don Post, Hollywood, California. That was it, no address or anything…hey, I was 10! I did not hear anything until late May or early June in 1982. (Still, to this day, I HAVE no clue how Don Post or Don Post Studios got my letter!)

I received a letter one day in the mail…my Mom pulled me inside from playing kick ball across the street and said “You got your Don Post letter on the coffee table.” I freaked out! I opened the letter that had the complete Don Post Studios letter head and matching envelope and read aloud the letter; it was from a lady named Sharron Armstrong and she was Don Post, Jr’s assistant. She wanted to thank me for writing; and she told me the story about the masks history of being a Capt. Kirk Mask. She said that they don’t produce that mask anymore but to look for one in a costume shop. She also told me about a “new” Halloween movie that just finished filming at the studio and that is has nothing to do with the first two but they include 3 Don Post Studios masks: a Skull, a Witch and a Pumpkin and to look for them in stores. She thanked me for being a fan of Don Post and that was it. I was so excited about hearing the history of the mask, that was enough for me.

In September of 1982 I received a package in the mail from Don Post, Jr of Don Post Studios. I came home from school and my Mom placed the package on my bed. I must have ran around the house with this box for at least 5 minutes without opening it. I opened the box to find a Skull mask and a letter from Don Post, Jr. He said he wanted me to have a special mask and that he appreciated me reaching out to him. The mask had no tags, nothing. It was a rather heavy pull too. This was just a normal white Skull. I did not know the meaning of the mask until I saw the Halloween III movie on Beta in 1984…maybe 1985 and then the meaning hit me. I had that Skull mask for years and had it up on a special shelf for with both letters. When my parents divorced in late 1987 and 1988 the mask came up missing and to this day, I have never found it or the letters. When I met Don Post in 1995 at Transworld in Chicago I told him about the letter I wrote to him as a kid and Don Post remembered it, almost verbatim. That’s how I met and became friend with him. He asked if I still had the mask and I told him what happened after my parents divorce and he said that maybe one day he’ll make me another. In 2012 he did but this time it was a massively thick Glow Skull which I still have and WILL pass on to my kids one day.

Here is an odd photo that Don Post sent me in 2010. This photo was taken in his office in 1982…Don thinks in October. If you look behind him, you can see the Big Three Halloween III masks from the movie. If you notice, the Skull is missing…that was the Skull he sent me. His copy.

Dude, that is probably the coolest story on here! :smiley: Too bad they went missing, but that is still an awesome story.

I was born in 1980, so I missed the opportunity to see the original in theaters during it’s initial run. Not sure what my exact age was when I discovered the series, but I was instantly hooked. I would say it’s been over 25 years. I did get out to see the original in theaters a year or two ago when it was back for a limited time. That was awesome.

The first movie in the series I was able to see in theaters was H6 in '95. Despite the theatrical cut of Curse not being that great, it was still really cool to finally see Myers on the big screen. I remember when H4 came out in '88. I had been one of the ticked off fans that part III had nothing to do with Myers. In seeing the TV spots for part 4 and hearing the voice-over say “The Return of Michael Myers”, I begged my mom to take me to see it. Lol, wasn’t happening. Same with H5 a year later. Despite not being able to see’em in theaters, for some reason my parents were cool with renting them for me as soon as they hit VHS. I guess they didn’t want to have to sit through them. But, I used to call the video store relentlessly to find out what day they were gonna come in. And back then, video stores typically only got one copy of the movie so I had to beg them to hold it for me so I could get it first. Oh, the days.

Thankfully, by the time H20 came out I was old enough to get myself into the theater and could buy my own ticket, etc. Honestly, I kind of miss having to scrounge and beg people to take me. Not so much the act itself, but the novelty I felt when I finally saw the movies. Being able to get in on my own was kind of like Christmas in a way after one grows up. Still nice, but lacks that magic that only a kid can feel. I dunno. Something like that.

Recently got a 3DK Hero Edition from Spookhousee Props. This is my grail, for sure!

Been a Myers fan since I saw the premiere on NBC in 1981 (wrote an article about that experience, actually:

Been cosplaying as Myers since at least 1994 and a member of these forums since 1997, I think.

I now go by the name of “The Shape of Fear Cosplay” and have appeared in viral photosets (“Surfer Myers” is me) as well as the official commercial for “Halloween II: The Game”.

Been a huge Halloween / myers fan for a long time. I can always remember watching the movie Halloween around Halloween every year with my dad growing up. I just started getting into mask collecting and it’s very addicting. Although it gives me something else to collect besides posters :laughing: