Anyone know where I can find one of these?

I actually really want one lol

Yeah I know what you mean. I guess I am flattered for the most part though. Never thought I’d make a t-shirt :laughing:


:joy::joy::joy: You’ve hit Myers stardom

Just patiently waiting with money in hand for your thong version :wink:


Well damn Jay, now they are making bootleg T-shirts of you?? But hey, must be good stuff if they are using your photos! Still, would be nice to at least ask for your blessing…but nothing surprises me anymore with this stuff.

True Mike. This has been going on for quite a while. There are posters of this shot too I think?! I should at least get one of each for free lol

Yeah really! Lol. And yeah I thought I saw framed posters of this one a while back too that someone was selling or whatever.

Also didn’t some random user post it in here completely oblivious that it was your photo? Then a few of us called it out and they conveniently disappeared shortly after… naturally.

I guess your becoming the new “psycho Si” around here :confused: Next will be coffee cups, tumblers and blankets lol.

It’s all good Mike. I never copyright my stuff so it’s fair game. Plus like I mentioned earlier, it’s kinda flattering lol I do want that T- shirt though :mrgreen:

Yeah you must be doing something right if they feel it makes for great merchandise! They definitely should throw you some free t-shirts at least! :smiley: :rock:

Funny thing mike I used to joke about puttin him on coffee mugs lol and in that group folks always post his photos somehow? I am not sure how they even get them? But yes Jay is the new PsychoSi lol definately

Thats hilarious bro! As if that fence isnt famous enough already lol

I’ve seen this pic on coffee mugs before. I believe it was on Etsy?

Well that’s not surprising, I figured as much lol.

Sounds like he already made the coffee mug scene Colin, lol.

And yeah Psycho Si is on everything under the sun these days lol.

Look at Mr. Celebrity posting with us peons.

I feel like 20% of Myers related merchandise uses some photo first posted here as either reference or just flat out uses the exact photo.