BAD Masks

Last year I had my H40 rehauled by BAD Masks. I thought for the price, it was worth it and I was a happy customer. I contacted the guy a few weeks back and asked him if he’d be willing to take my elrod mask in exchange for a rehaul of my boogeyman mask. He said he was willing to do so, but wanted to let me know that he was backed up and it may take a while. I kindly told him I was in no hurry and I would ship both masks to him. I asked him the day the tracking number showed the package was delivered and got no response. Later that day I sent another message, thinking maybe he didn’t see the first message asking about the delivery. I got no response, but an administrator from his page posted a minute later that he had fallen Ill and was taking a break until he’s feeling up to getting back to work. I wanted to remain respectful and not bother anyone who had fallen Ill, so I stopped messaging him and hoped he got my masks. That was over a week ago now, so today I messaged him to make sure the masks arrived and haven’t heard anything yet. Should I be worried? I don’t feel I’m being disrespectful or impatient, I just want the guy to confirm he’s in possession of my masks

I would give it another week before I’d be worried. Sometimes it can take a couple weeks to get back on your feet after an illness, and based on the fact that he put a hold on his work after falling ill, I would say it’s not just a simple cold or something similar that you can still work with.

The problem for me isn’t the wait or his recovery time. It’s actually just knowing my masks got to him safely.

Update…he did respond today and confirmed he got my package.

That’s great to hear man :slight_smile:

Is anyone else here waiting on their mask from him?