Badass Destroyer

WIP badass Destroyer RZ myers from Russell Lewis. Still has to put hair on it and other details. If your are in the market for one…hit Russell up:) awesome price too:)

Nice, you must be getting excited!

What is the awesome price, btw?

Nice, dude! Real nice!

price was around 175 to 200 shipped. Russell is the man when it comes to RZ masks for the price:)

Yeah that’s a great deal! I think a Destroyer may be in my future :slight_smile:

yeah seriously hit him up Russell Lewis on FB

Might have to do that…speaking of RZ, I just watched H2 last night for the first time. I think RZ has a place as a director, for those looking for a gory, trashy, funny, dramatic, and rather tasteless film that nevertheless has some brilliant moments. I wouldn’t expect most people to appreciate it. Halloween series fans have reasons both to revile or embrace it.

I thought the first RZ movie was a nice tribute and tyler in the mask was just badass

update pic…mask is haired just needs to be styled. I cant wait for this beast from Russell:)