BH 6,DP pumpkin,tharp witch, DK

snapped some pics of the Don post Original pumpkin and took a few others


D.K. ( you can see this mask in H3)

And a 67 skull I was outbid on

I love that damn D.K. mask.

God I love that Pumpkin. and I was watching that Skull on Feebay, I was surprised for how much it was sold for

Sweet Halloween goodness brudda!!! Awesome pieces. :open_mouth:

I was watching the skull also.It sold for $269.Just a little much…That pumpkin is killer jon

lookin good :sunglasses:

My favorite witch and ohhhhh that BH!! :butthead: :blush: :stuck_out_tongue:
Love it Jon!

Awesome shots! Love all of them :rock: :rock:

Wow would really like to get me a nice set of those 3. Can anyone point me in the right direction on who is making them currently?

Thank you very much guys! :slight_smile:
For the h3 set your best bet is to order the sig masks from SSN

The pumpkin they have was cast right off my friends screen used mask.
I had this set once and It’s the best thing next to the originals.

Jon, nice H3 Collection!! That Pumpkin is incredible!

Damn that pumpkin rocks.

Thanks a lot scott