Boogeyman arrived!

With the exception of having to cut nostril holes and the mouth, this is now the best Myers mask I’ve ever owned. The hair is no joke perfection!!! Tots has truly knocked it out of the park with this one!!

Yep. Looks pretty good. Better than my Elrod

Nice, I told you man, it’s an impressive mask for the price. And the hair is probably the best hair of any of their masks in my opinion. It’s incredibly easy to work with. The changes to the paint and hair from what the Elrod was, makes it the best most accurate H1 mask they offer.


Yep yep! Couldn’t have said it better myself! Thanks so much for keeping me so informed before I got it!!

Thanks brother!

Great score! :rock: :drinkers:

Thanks brother! Can’t wait to see your Halloween 2019 portfolio!!

looks ace :wink:

You had to cut cut the nose holes??

Yeah that was a bit weird but was an easy fix

How does it compare with the 78 mask? Is it the same size?

No sir… a good bit smaller

Still big on my small head lol i need valcro strap for mine

Got mine today its awesome mask i really love it

I have a big head so the 78 mask fits me great while not feeling snug. Don’t think I’d want it any smaller, though I’m digging the look of the Boogeyman.

this is a great looking mask. I noticed it’s available to purchase on TOTS site. Quick question for those who own it. Is it sold online only? And if so, is it immediately available to ship if I buy it today?

Depends on the site but yes

I just received mine on Monday and it came with the nostrils cut out. Mouth still needed to be cut though. It’s an amazing mask. Especially for something mass produced. Overhauled, this thing would hold it’s own against a NAG in my opinion.