BURIED on ebay?

I was browsing through ebay and found this auction. I was thinking about bidding on this for $20 but wanted your guys opinion. There is no reserve price, so $20 doesn’t seem bad. I can send it to Scott to get it haired!!! :rock:


thats no buried ive seen before, could be wrong (have seen one crazy copy before), theres no hairline molded into the mask, idk man kinda want to find out the story behind this mask

its definitely a QOTS BURIED. I have a clean version from scott and i know his signature. I had the guy email me a picture of the signature inside the mask. I know its a buried, i was just wondering about the hair. I guess that doesn’t matter cuz i know scott can rehair. Seems like a great deal to me!

I told him he should post a pic of Scotts signature, so people will know its legit! He did!

looks like a clean Buried, that someone tried to convert

That mask is thrashed i would not buy that one.

for $20, i say buy it. cant really go wrong.


seems like a nice “fixer upper” GO FOR IT!! :drinkers:

the holes in the forehead are way wrong, you MAY be able to salvage it and get an exposed out of it. Other than that :butthead:

That’s a clean mask someone ruined and tried to turn into a dream mask.