Buried Revolver Costume Shots.

Here are some costume shots I did a few weeks ago. Hope you guys like them!

Awesome as always, Chris!..and you never got back to me about those masks!

Now these are some sweet shots :rock:

Love the pics, Chris. You wear that Buried well! :smiling_imp:

wow man…! great pictures!

Thanks guys for the comments! I was hoping the pics might have come out a little better but I will do some more on Halloween.

Sorry about that man! I had a few things come up so I had to put it on the back burner. I figured you might have got rid of most of them by now! Hit me up on pm.

Man, you killed this one, I really like how dark you are compared to the room… :supz:

These came out sweet! Great job bro! :rock:


wow looks just lik him!! very accurate like the movie best shots i have seen!!

Gr8 shots duder!! :rock: