Carpenter's response to people remaking his movies...

Someone asked John at the Christine panel what he thought of everyone remaking his movies. His response was something to the effect of the following (not a direct quote because I didn’t record it, but to the best of my knowledge):

“I love when people remake my movies, because they send me a big check.”
lots of laughter and applause

Then someone asked what he thought of the actual movies:
“I thought Assault on Precinct 13 was very good. They had a great cast. As far as the other movies, I really have no comment.”

He said that with a funny tone, which drew even more laughing and applause.

Overall, the Christine panel was amazing. Carpenter and the cast were fantastic, and you really could tell John was pretty uncomfortable with all of the attention. He did seem very genuine and thankful!

very cool he sounds like a great guy.
if i could have met John C. (hopefully one day) i would like to ask him, if he never made Halloween until present day, how different of a film does he think it would be from 1978, and right off hand whats afew things he think he would do differently?
i figure if you asked him in a quieter setting, out of the spot light, he might give a half detailed answer.

That would have been great to hear the Great-One speaking of his movies. I really wish I could have been there! Lucky S.O.B.!!

well i can tell you this, it would probably be a lot more gory due to todays standards of blood and guts in horror movies lol!

Awesome! Damn it would have been sooo great to meet him and get his autograph!!! Congrats to all that got to go :rock:

Jeremy, didn’t you tell me that somebody brought a Rob Zombie HALLOWEEN poster for John to sign? :rolleyes: I bet he was thrilled about that. :laughing:

Holy crap, yes. Someone two people in front of me (so I guess three people behind Donnie) brought a stinking RZ Halloween poster for Carpenter to sign. He was gracious enough to sign it, but you could clearly tell he was NOT happy.

When I was waiting to have my things signed there was a guy in front of me doing the same thing. :rolleyes:

If I was him, I’d say “I just can’t sign this…” :laughing:

That’s funny!!! :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing: Me too! Thats crazy… i mean they’re crazy


:laughing: Man that guy must have had no clue. Mike :smiley: