Does anyone else remember seeing the USA network’s censored version of HalloweeN in the mid 90’s? Donald Pleasence’s famous line “Hey, Lonnie! Get your ass away from there!” was reduced to “Hey, Lonnie! Get yourself away from there!”. Another good one was Charles Cyphers telling Donald Pleasence “there’s nothing going on except kids pulling pranks, parking, getting high.” which was changed to “pulling pranks, parking, being sly.”. I thought it was funny. Does anyone else remember this or have a funny story to tell about network versions? On a side note the latest AMC version has the lines mentioned above untouched from the original. I guess in the last fifteen years it’s become more acceptable to understand teenagers get high & kids are cursed at by adults. LoL!

Lol I love tv edits, wish I could see the Halloween USA one.

I did hear that line “Hey, Lonnie! Get yourself away from there” on one of the broadcast channels many years ago it did give me a What the hell moment that’s for sure