CGP Warlock

002 (800x450).jpg

Nice man, Looks great on you!

That is a great copy, Looks awesome!


Thats a nice copy. :smiling_imp:

Great Warlock brother!!!

Nice :smiling_imp:

NICE! Great Copy!! :drinkers: Bob

Thanks for the comments guys! :rock:

Great copy! :drinkers:

Looks great!! :rock:

The warlock still has what it takes in the H2 Department :rock: :drinkers:

That’s a sweet Warlock! Nice… :rock:

I will always love the Warlock regardless of what comes out. Great copy man, it looks really good. Thanks for sharing. …ANDY

nice Warlock :slight_smile: i agree, i will always consider the CGP version to be one of the unbeatable Myers masks in my book. and THAT is a nice copy. congrats!

Here’s my other one I repainted, turned out exactly how I wanted it. Heres a pic -

Check out my auction too. - Bobby