Change to the classifieds, posts now need approval

I have updated the permissions to the classifieds forum. When a new thread is posted, myself or a moderator must approve of it before it will go live. This is due to the fact that many people have still been breaking the rules. This will eliminate those problems for good.

Take Care,

Thats exactly what has been needed to be done!

and insta-ban the offenders… clearly they have no respect for this forum or its providers… just my 2 cents…

PERFECT way to handle it.That is as fair as it gets and it protects all of us.

Way to go Derek!!

This should nip the problem in the bud.

Thank you, Derek.

Awesome!!! Thank you. That is good news. :smiley:

Excellent idea D! I noticed it last nite when I had to approve a couple classifieds. :sunglasses:

just about the best thing you could of done to keep things right well done derek. :drinkers:

Well done Derek!

awesome-o :smiley:

:rock: :smiling_imp: :rock:

I noticed it last night as well, good call Derek. This is the perfect way to protect the site and our community from being shut down due to those few who insist on taking a chance at ruining it for everyone else.

Great news. Perfect solution

Great idea Derek!

This sounds like a great solution! Good job Derek / MOD team!

awesome. Thank you MODS!!! It sucks that it’s more work for you but better for us all in the end.

Thanks Derek and mods!!! :rock: This sounds like the best solution to an on going problem!


Awesome idea. We don’t want the site going away for good. :rock:

Good idea. That’s EXACTLY what needed to be done.

Thank god!!! :rock: