Check out this guy!!!

This is THE BEST Michael Myers figure that I’ve EVER seen! Very very cool peice here!

Wow…that’s pretty damn impressive.

Yeah, I thought so too! :laughing:

Thats on ebay right now.

If this is the auction, the price is ridiculous!!

Thats it. And you’re right. Completely ridiculous. :unamused: He’ll realize that when it doesn’t sell.

It’s nice…but it’s not that impressive…WOW :open_mouth:


You should check out on youtube ONE’S CUSTOMS, that guys figures are amazing

I’ve seen his videos before! They ARE AMAZING! I’m actually watching one of his videos right now :laughing:

It’s fine but the hair is not right. I converted mine some time back, glued and puttied all the joints, repainted the whole thing and carved off the plastic hair and rehaired it with some hair stuff I had laying around here that was blonde in colour. After it was attached I dyed it using an old toothbrush, the effect came out not too bad.
I had also coverted the Neca Michael into a H2 version with a lot of facial reconstruction, bullet holes, scuffs, scraps and the scalpel. The original knife that came with it I manufactured into an Elrod knife. That sold on the bay for US$250- I think now around two years ago.

Nice job dude! You should definitely post some pics of that H2 figure!

The only pics I have of that are on my other comp that is damaged. It though is not the first nor last one I will do. Thanks for the compliments too. :rock:

Wow! That’s pretty damn cool actually.