China has done it again...

Thought this was pretty funny I’m guessing with the success of the tots figure China bootlegs decided to get into the market.
The head sculpts are definitely terrible but the coveralls and body are actually decent, not for over $100 though. Maybe worth it if u really want a nick castle/Dr. Phil action figure. That last picture is just too much lol

Looks like a Donald Trump jack o lantern!

LOL I didn’t even notice that before but you’re absolutely right

donald trumpkin


:laughing: dr Phil Myers the mask kind of has a hint of leatherface pretty woman in it

Absolutley dr Phil!:rofl:

That’s 100% Nick Castle’s face with the JJC power doughnut from 2018.

Just needs a proper rehaul :wink:

The figure is actually really well done for a Nick Castle base, just need to replace the mask and knife

It actually looks halfway decent. lol

Until you get it in the mail and it falls apart as you’re opening it lmao

Oh I wouldn’t risk it. lol

Haha. Always count on China to make laughably awful bootlegs!