Collection as of August ( Very Pic Heavy )

Well, with all the new stuff I’ve acquired in the past month or so… :smiley:

( New masks - New display cases - New syringes for the warlocks - Framed up some of the posters - Some new Hellraiser collectables ( thanx to Dress to kill ),

Along with some other little oddball stuff floating around in there, I thought it was time for a collection update. Hope you all enjoy. :mrgreen:

Myers Collection:

Screen Used ROTS Props:

A small, but growing Hellraiser collection, ( Props to DRESSEDTOKILL for the new stuff ): :rock:

The sitting Area:

A very messy practice space::

And if you made it this far… :smiley: - Thanx for checkin it out. :drinkers: :rock:

Wow…your collection is looking awesome! I see you still have that creepy doll that walks around the house at night :open_mouth:

that is one hell of a collection,i hope i can match it someday.

I dig that baby :open_mouth:

Oh my goodness!!! Now that is one sweet collection. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

:rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:

Wow, thats amazing.

very nice bro… your collection sure has grown from the last time i saw it!!

Myers, cold, sam, juice, shape, DH, Drew…Thanx for the props, :drinkers: , it’s deff come a long way in a short time.

And yes Nick, I still have our roaming friend… :open_mouth:, and “It” still freaks me out. :open_mouth:

Thats amazing kenny!!..Im diggin the pearls bro!

Sweet!!! I see some of my old friends in there. Nice to see that they landed in such a nice collection. Keep on rockin and collecting

Thanx guys, And Dressed…Your old friends have found refuge in a new Hell… :smiling_imp: ,

Thanx Bro.

Very nice my friend. Feed the addiction!

Awesome collection! Some great stuff in there, lots of great Myers masks. That Chatter looks pretty sweet!

Goodie! I made it to the end :laughing:
Awesome man-cave Ken :rock: :rock:
And great band set-up too!
Sweet Chattermouth mask :sunglasses:
Has a nice retro vibe!

Thanx Ryn, Bobby & K, Much appreciated guys. :drinkers:

Great setup man! Very nice collection! Every man needs a room like that. :smiley: :drinkers: :rock: :sunglasses:

Thanx so much Bro, very much appreciated. :smiley:

Nice collection :rock:

Very nice setup. Classy displays and well done