Collector of the week!!!

This weeks collector is evilsmellyclown show it man! :smiley:

“Yeah yeah” C,mon Mike,Can’t wait to see whats in store here :slight_smile:

Very good choice. Do it up Mike!!

Very deservative! I know that Mike’s been COTW before, but his collection is so amazing that he deserves the title twice!

Just as soon as I get home fellas i will go downstairs and take some new shots. The collection is a bit smaller due to the fact i have some stuff that is out for paint. Also, i have been down sizing and selling a few things to make the shelves lean but still very mean. Thanks again for COTW, very much appreciated.


One of my favorite collections :sunglasses:
If you don’t know Mike, you’re in trouble :mrgreen:

here is how the collection sits tonight. thanks again guys!



Oh man Mike your collection is nuts!!! Every piece is amazing my friend. I love that Castle Freak!!! :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:

You have so many rare pieces that I’m jealous of! SS Leatherface PF, Funhouse Frank mask, StarJerk Eric, JGTH Dagger, Phantasm Sphere! OH, the list goes on.

Mike :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: Your collection ALWAYS leaves me speechless. It’s so amazing and the variety is beyond cool. I want that AWIL soooooooooooooo Bad!!! :cry:
Simply fantastic…but that Reagan head has to go… :unamused: …I would NOT have that thing in my house…way to creepy :axe:
Nick :drinkers:

That collection is insane Mike! So many cool pieces there,I love that h20 v.1,Tyler bust,kemper,eric,etc,its all top notch! :rock: :rock:

HOLY HELL" Mike, :open_mouth: an Astonishing Collection Brother,there are many pieces im envious of,your H5 Brute,The Thing,to name just a couple,Never knew you owned a Butcher either" and the Friday the 13th stuff is off the Charts,im officially Blown away by this Beautiful Collection my Friend :rock: :drinkers:

SPECTACULAR COLLECTION MIKE :rock: One of the best on the forum. :smiley: Mike

HOLY HELL!!! :rock: :rock: :cry: What a collection sir! Just Amazing is all i can say! :drinkers: :partyman:

too many amazing pieces there bud. was a pleasure to look at all that

It is always a pleasure to see this collection. Great work Mike.

:open_mouth: …I just don’t have the words Mike! I could live in that room!

Gorgeous collection Mike. I love the variety and you have some stellar pieces. Man, lots of goodies in your room. Thanks for sharing

:rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: