Crofader Vs H4 Clean

Would you rather have a clean,movie acurate H4 mask or a Crofader style mask

  • Movie acurate H4 Clean
  • Crofader style H4
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Hey guys, there was a recent thread on H4 that showed a number of photos of the crofader…and it got me thinking, would you rather own a H4 mask that was “clean” and movie acurate, or would you rather own a H4 mask that is styled and painted to look like the crofader (similar to HSS crofader edition).

And whatever your preference, why do you prefer one over the other (look, potential resale value etc)!



I was obsessed with the HSS Crofader edition for months and was recently able to pick one up, #9. The look of the mask made it more unique and appealing to me, as well as the story behind the edition and the look of paul’s screen used mask. I was never a big fan of the 4 mask, as it looked too much like an action figure head in the movie to me. But I honestly think the mask has improved with age, paul’s pics look better than anything I saw on screen. Which is why, IMO, the Crofader mask is not just an original kick ass sculpt, but it’s also a tribute to the entire community. I’m very proud to own one.

I gotta post some pics of my #9, it’s awesome!


I agree I prefer the look of the H4 mask as it is now, that’s why the Crofader is an amazing mask to have, and I agree #9 is the best one out there Jason :wink:

I wasn’t a fan of the mask as it appeared in the movie, but time has been kind to it and turned it into a jewel. :drinkers:

Thanks for the hook up my friend!