custom made RZ myers test mask w. real hair


:open_mouth: Nice bro. :tonqe: :drinkers: Is that your family portrait underneath the mask?

That thing is sick man, who did the hair on it. It looks damn good!

:open_mouth: OMG, it’s beautiful! Custom made you say? Well, I’d have to say you aced the test! GREAT JOB!

what do you mean by real hair?

hi, its human hair !!!


by the looks of it in this shot, it’s one of the best RZ hairups I’ve seen…not many people get it fully right

any more shots?

That looks sweet.
More pics!

That looks really good man

Awesome mask, I’m very envious right now :open_mouth:

that looks insane man, wow! hair is awesome too! :smiley:

nice job dirk who ay i ask gave you that hair.or did you donate it yourself lol…
anyway awsome rz :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks everybody, the hair comes from a special effects studio and was attached by a FX artist !!!




More pictures please Dimue…