Deranged or Nightstalker

Hey guys just want to hear some opinions of what mask is better Dreanged Kirk from WMP or Nightstalker also from WMP ?


i just want opinions …Thanks -Tomislav



Pretty close of a Hard Decision, but I will go with the Nightstalker, since that is what I just got through Purchasing.

NIGHTSTALKER for sure man,they scream HERO.I ordered one and I cant wait till Chris starts working on it,they are one of the best H1 masks IMO.

Nightstalker" plus i think these are some earlier shots of Chris’s work on these,they have come a ways since these pics,he offers so much more to them nowadays on finishing and personal preference.

This is a very tough decision for me, lol. I currently have the Deranged 78, and my Nightstalker should be ready soon. I personally think the Nightstalker looks more accurate, but I love the way my Deranged 78 looks, and fits on my huge head. I would have to say as far as all-around accuracy is concerned, Nightstsalker wins, but If It doesn’t fit me like my Derange 78 does, then I will say the Deranged 78 personally. At the end of the day, I will probably say the Nightstalker is a better mask because luckily, Chris Morgan is making me a 25" copy, and it should fit me the same as the Deranged 78 does. …ANDY

I can’t stress my vote enough for the Nightstalker. It is in many ways more accurate.

Thanks guys i really appreciate your toughts :slight_smile:

I think these two pics speak volumes for the Nightstalker:

I’d go Nightstalker all the way.

i’m gonna go with Nightstalker definetly…but many people says that it is very bad and unaccurate

Nightstalker all the way. Ive ordered one myself and i cant wait. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: -tom.

Everyone has their own opinion and taste on what is accurate, which is why we have such a vast selection of H1 (and H2) masks available to us. We’re just giving you feedback based on the question you asked, which pertained to these two masks.

There’s also a lot of negative sentiment towards Chris Morgan here, and that was probably a part of people’s negative opinions on the ask. But we won’t go there. :axe:

Def go with the NIGHTSTALKER. And Chris Morgan is one of the best in this business. He even sent me a Christmas Card. Name another mask maker that cares that much about his customers(JC,Sam,Tommy and Nik excluded :sunglasses: They are the best)…I didn’t think so :drinkers:

And Mr. Mabry of course. :rock:

Yes Dren…Justin is another trustworthy mask maker :slight_smile: how could I forget about Nightowl :blush: :yawinkle: :rock:

I agree that the Nightstalker has a better bit of accuracy, but I would love to own a Deranged simply because it has it’s own special look goin for it.

Even tho i just scored a Deranged (my user pic) and i love it!!!, i would say the Nightstalker wins. But If i were u, get a Deranged first bc Chris is discontinuing the mask after Halloween.

just gotta say i love these pics of the nightstalker. great photography!! :rock: