Displaying Action Figures

For those of you who have any of the Neca action figures or others like the One Collectable figures: how do you display them? Do you keep them in the boxes or take them out and set them up? Based on what I’ve read on some other forums this has been a debate amongst collectors and fans of the hobby. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

I keep mine in the box personally. If I want to take one out bad enough for display I buy a second one.

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I take mine out because I’d rather pose them and look at them. I feel like leaving them in the box is only good for when you plan on selling your figures in the future.

I always take mine out of the boxes. I like to actually see the figure in all it’s glory, fully posed with it’s accessories. I’ve never understood the mentality of “No! You have to leave it in the box!” I understand the value aspect, but if you don’t intend to sell the figure, then why leave it in the box? I know a lot of box art looks great, particularly the Neca boxes, so I just stand them up behind the figure.

Well I think for me it’s more so even if you don’t plan on selling the figure now, that doesn’t mean you won’t ever want to sell it for the rest of your life. I just feel it’s better to be safe than sorry :slight_smile:.

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I display mine out of the boxes, but I keep the boxes in storage.

I display mine out of the boxes, but I keep the boxes in storage.

I take mine out of the box to photograph them, then I put them back in the box.

Out of the boxes. I keep them, though, in case I have to move one day and I guess the only safe way how to transfer these things is to put them back in the boxes.

Mine are displayed with the boxes behind. Take them out and enjoy them.

I usually keep them in the box , seems to be my preference and I have no plans on selling anything. the Mezco one:12 box is easy to open , take out the figure and put it back in the way it came, I like packaging that allows me to do both like that.

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I appreciate all the feedback. I have kept mine out of the boxes as I like to let them breathe. I’m thinking about buying duplicates to keep in case I want to resell them later but I guess you never know what the value will be based on demand.

I try and collect all the neca horror figures but I only display the Michael Myers/Halloween ones so those I usually buy two of. I don’t like the looks of a huge amount of small figures all out and displayed unless you have it setup right. I do save all the boxes and keep them in mint condition with anything I display. When it comes to mezco and the neca 1/4 sized 18” figures I open and display them all halloween/Myers or not because they are my favorite for displaying.

If it’s a figure I really like I’ll get two…one for display and the other to keep mint in box.

For me it really depends on how the figures display in the box or on the card. If they look good packaged as is, like the clothed NECA line, then I prefer to display them that way. With figures like the Kotobukiya Bishoujo line that display much better out of the box, I don’t mind taking them out. I always keep the boxes though.

Definitely open. If a figure is valuable it will still hold value being loose. Sure you might get a little bit more mint in box (obviously depending on what figure it is will have a factor in how much.) Seems like figures now a days are so mass produced they arent going to go crazy up in value. Opened you can actually see all the details, save on space, change up on the pose, use the accessories they come with. It’s really a no brainer to me. Sure some of the box art or packaging is nice and if thats the case you can try to display it somehow. But anyways…thats my opinion, but I can definitely appreciate everyone else’s since we all enjoy what we enjoy.

I Keep them in the package . Not because I plan on selling them. I like how they look mint and brand new in the package. The only figure I ever opened up was the 12" mezco pinhead that came out awhile ago.