Do you guys think.........

The H9 Hero mask is all colorfull and full of color?

I think its not, looks plain to me. Has a greyish white brown base with the scare faintly highlighed in yellows. Thats its. Not much to it.

and i think its the lighing in some scenes that make it appear to have more color.

What do you guys think?

I always thought the buireds were alittle over colored to me.

Buried’s paintjobs are sick. Just plain filthy. I hope this is not a bashing thread. I do not agree that the Hero mask had absolutely no color, either.

im not saying it has no color, just not has much color as most think it has. and no im not bashing the buired, I just wan pple’s opinion on the hero masks color.

I wouldn’t call the Hero paintjob just plain…

As for the scars I do not see where you see orange? Looks to be a yellowish color to me? Wayne did an amazing job painting these masks if you ask me. The movie was shot with tons of filters though. Here is a pic of Wayne painting the scars.

As for the Buried’s paint jobs. I think they are the closest to the Hero’s as we are going to get so far and as for the money its a great price too.

I think he used like a moss green and some browns for the scars.


i agree with raymond

this is going to turn into a stupid argumentitive thread :unamused: but awesome pics MICKIBANEZ :slight_smile:

No its not people are just stating their opinion,theres nothing wrong with that.Its these kind of comments that could turn the thread into an argument.IMHO I think the hero mask had quite a bit of detail but not an over the top paintjob like a lot of people think.

I think i must have the hero mask, cuz they look similar!! LOL

of course the colour from my camera in these pics suck! :laughing:

from what I see on film, and behind the scenes pics, it almost looks like there is a greyish/silver wash on the remake mask. I have yet to see it replicated quite right. it’s got a certain shine to it.

Yes ive noticed this too and I asked Casey from the propshop a while ago why his clean mask didnt have that glossy silver look and he said that was cause by a lense on the camera used in the movie that made the mask appear that way.Im not sure if thats exactly true but thats what I was told.

The mask is flat. It isn’t silvery at all. It’s a grey/beige color with grey highlights. To replicate it perfect you would need the mask side by side when painting. I’ve never seen one exactly the same.