Don Post H2 question

I’m planning on going to halloween city on friday when I go to get my brother from college and I plan to get the new DP H2 mask. I understand that there are 2 versions of this mask, one with the crappy grey hair and one with brown hair. Are they more likely to have the grey or brown hair one? I don’t know if there’s any way of knowing.
Thanks guys.


They carry the DP H1 mask with the brown hair and it doesn’t ahve the crap that comes int he grey haired version and the blood is alot better painted on .i know this because i live near an Halloween City hope this helps you.

I went today and picked up the brown haired H2 with the mesh over the eyes, I know it’s not the best mask by any means but it serves its purpose nicely and I couldn’t be happier with it. They also had the 07 DP mask which also looked awsome. I might post pics later if I get a chance.

Oh without a doubt both masks are amazing i will be adding the DP H1 to my collection as well as the DP H2 …but congrats man glad you were able to get something you liked have a fun halloween. :rock:

Ya they are both amazing masks, I was kinda torn between the two, but I like the blood on the H2. I am very happy with it. And you have yourself a great halloween too bud :slight_smile:

your most likely going to find the one with gray hair i have the mask not bad for the price heres my h2 mask

Already got it man, brown hair one too. Thanks anyway though I appreciate it :slight_smile: