DONt POST V1 H40 Indie Mask!

This is a Indie H40 mask I just got today! Thank you so much Hugo D. Félix for the smooth transaction!

It is signed inside,” Morbid Illusions,” but the artist goes by DONt POST as a joke and they want to remain their identity hidden too.

This is a V1, one of the first 10 batches made and commissioned by a member for their fan film.

Thanks for looking guys! :slightly_smiling_face: :rock: :drinkers: :myers: :pumpkin:

Always a treat to see these pop up

Pretty sure I read that Nikos at NAG made these. Goes by Don’t Post for legal reasons

Yep. This

I can’t remember exactly but was it because of artists getting shut down for making their own H40s around the time it came out?

Yeah, pretty much. Trick or Treat studios has the rights to the movie mold and were the only ones allowed to reproduce them. This was also back when they were trying to shut down the Indy Myers mask makers so they could corner the market

Are these pretty much impossible to get ahold of now?

they’re really difficult to find but one pops up every blue moon

How much do these rare beauties cost?

This is my NAG version of the Don’t Post studios truly a great mask

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