DP to KNB???

After seeing how Scott retooled Mike’s KNB H20 just recently, I’ve set out to find a copy or something that could be converted to one. I was wondering if you guys think that this guy would work at all?

In my eye, the shape appears to be similiar…

Looks like they just darkened the hair up.

That old DP looks to be in good condition and I wouldn’t touch it. I believe the look they were going for with the V1 mask was to resemble a DP mask. Why, I don’t know.

i think that with the right paint and hair that you could make sweet looking KNB with that.


I’d Leave it be! :smiley: Bob

Well, I don’t own it and have no interest in another H1. I’d only buy it to convert it to a KNB.

thats one of the nicest 85’s around, your nuts if you touch it.
It would be like taking a 75 kirk and converting it into a spock!
Leave it alone and buy a knb myers

Guess I’m nuts. Unless, or course, you know where to find a KNB.

that copy is sick man! I own an 85 and i wish it was in that condition! Leave it be! haha :rock:

I tried to buy the mask w/ intentions to leave it as-is… as I have a soft spot for 85 DP’s. But it just sold!

Please don’t change it. :cry:

If you want to change it, then I say go for it.

Someone said it would be like converting a 75 Kirk into a Spock, and that’s ridiculous. You wouldn’t be completely changing the identity of the mask…just modifying it slightly to better resemble the KNB look. I don’t see anything wrong with that.