Dying spruce green to olivewood?

I recently picked up a pair of Big Mac spruce green coveralls and am overall happy, however i’d like to see if i can get the color to match olivewood. How can i achieve this?

The closest color dye to the original coveralls is a full bottle of teal, full bottle of emerald, and 1/4 bottle of flame. All by the company Rit.

Since your coveralls are already green, use half of those measurements. (Use half bottles of teal and emerald, and 1/8 of flame)

Pic related. That’s what you’ll get

Awesome! Love that color. I’ve gone ahead and ordered emerald and teal, however I’m having a hard time trying to find Flame. Anywhere I should look specifically?

Can’t find it online? I hope they didn’t discontinue it. I got lucky and found a bottle at my local Joann’s. I’m not sure where you live, but Joann’s is a sewing/craft store

I managed to find out the color mixtures for flame, and just used that with emerald and teal. this is the final result. what do you guys think?

Look good from what I can tell - could you post some before & afters if you’ve got them?

Pic with the mask if the before, and the after is the same spot in the same lighting.

Definitely looks much better! Great job, man

I know that PropShop makes the smallest, somewhere around 22.5 inches, I think. HandiBoy makes some of the largest, and will cast to up to 25 inches for you. Not sure about any of the others.

The before and after looks pretty good they still look a little light to me, if you want it like the school scene when the kids break the pumpkin. You need rit charcoal grey, barely half of the bottle will do. It will give it the dirty weathered green
look like the daylight scenes of Michael

Thanks! That color is precisely the look im going for. I just ordered the dye, I’ll post when it’s dyed again!

Sounds killer keep us posted Ill check back

Still kind of drying, but here they are! I’ll see if i can get some daylight shots tomorrow.

Here they are!

another picture that wouldn’t upload earlier.

They look great , all you need now is the oil/grease stains.

I use Tulip black fabric paint, I pour it in a plastic cup, add some water to thin it down barely 1/3rd water.
Then drybrush it very lightly on the knees/cuffs/pockets/sleeves etc, I grab the brush w/ paint on it and fling it at the
coveralls a few times for oil drips/stains

Is the flame even that necessary? It’s discontinued. Only Flame Red pops up.

Flame was a red color a few years ago, so I imagine that is the right color, they just added “red” to the end…