Evil has come to your town(Classic WARLOCK!!!)

Whats up Guys!!! I just took this bad boy out of storage. This was my first Myers mask. Over the years i had lost interest in this ,but now i see how stupid i have been to keep this away. One of the main things i love about it is how durable it is. this thing can take an ass whip .i’m taking speacial care from here on in. enjoy!!!
old warlock1.jpg

more pictures

Awesome mask. Love the third pic!

more pictures

Looks like it was made for you (& you’re making me miss mine even more :cry: :mrgreen: ) - very nice :drinkers:

Rock solid H2 mask. Great piece.

Very nice pics man, love your Warlock :drinkers: :rock:


THanks Guys!!!

:rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:

BAD @$$

Nice Warlock man… wish I had one… :mrgreen: