First knife score

Hey guys i got this sweet knife of ebay, its not entierly screen acurate but its a 15 1\2 inch lamson for $9.99 which in euros is about 4.99. Its real so i cant really use it to scare people or id go to jail but i can use it whenever i get some coveralls for costume pics.


That’s a lovley knife and a really good price mate!

Thanks man, i cant believe it was such a bargain.

Great score at a great price! Congrats! :open_mouth:

That is one sinister looking knife :open_mouth:

Cool score!! :smiley:

Congrats that’s a pretty cool score!

Kick ass score man. I just snagged a military lamson a few weeks ago it needs some minor repair that the seller didn’t think I needed to know about. I was hotter than a fox in a Forrest fire when I opened up the box. One side of the handle had come aloose and laying in the bottom of the damn box.I’ve tried to reach this ass clown but he won’t reply back.I have is address and he only lives a couple hours away. That’s bad for him but good for me! I think me and this tickturd needs to have a face to face talk about this Shitty ass knife.

Welcome to the Lamson Family :smiling_imp:

Thats crappy to say the least, :smiling_imp: if i were you id send it back and ask for a refund.

Thanks for all the comments.