First Look HSS 99 2 sizes

Here’s the first look at the new Larger size 99.
Comes in 2 sizes Large 25 1/2 and Reg 23 3/4. Yes this will be finished as a Shat too.
This is the Reg 23 3/4 size
The hair is blond crepe. Dropped my camera so I’m having a bitch of a time getting good pics.

25.5!!! Now you’re speeking my language, lol. Look’s cool Sam. Thank’s for postinng. …ANDY

any idea on a release date?

Will have an order page up this week. You can order now by contacting me.


Looks great! Very spooky!!

Cool that you and Darren are doin this :slight_smile:

25.5 ! Sam has love for us with unusually large noggins. Looks fantastic sam.


Thanks for the pics Sam! I already ordered my two, sweet!

When i get some money together i’ll definitely be ordering one! Is it a limited run? :cry: -tom.

Hey Sam,any idea when you’ll have the order page up?

Any updates on this? especially the shat version?


Any pics of a large sized Kirk or Myers?

Thank you,

-Big D

I’m so busy with orders right now that I haven’t had a chance to get the order page up or finish the large size. Keep contacting me directly for info if you are interested. The 23 1/2 is done.

i cant wait to get one haha so stoked