Grail Scorage!

This mask is the shit. Looks dead on. David Pope at Boogeymanmask I don’t know what happened to you but your masks are the shit. I can’t believe I got my hands on a 2007 Boogeyman 75.

Awesome! I’ve got 3 of them. They’re one of my faves! I’ll shoot you some pics! Awesome score!! :rock:

let’s see 'em!

dave kcks ass!!

Thats a nice mask indeed. Thanks for posting. …ANDY

Killer score man! Congrats :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: .tom.

I just received a Boogeyman75 through a trade with Bobby (scissors_515). Fantastic mask IMO. I’ll have to post a pic soon.

Nice score & an underrated mask in my opinion.