H-Kills arm sleeve

Customer wanted one and I decided to give it a go. Loosely based off of the sleeve Doug Tait wore in his stunt scenes.

All done with fabric pens.

If I can figure out an easier way to do it, might include as an add on for My coveralls


There is fabric paint you could get that could give it some depth, that is perfect as is though!

I can imagine how labor-intense one sleeve would be doing that with a fabric pen. Yikes. Well done!

I know next to nothing about this kind of stuff, but it seems to me you could lessen the time to make one if you start with a muscle-tissue-colored sleeve and add the lighter colored tendon/ligaments and the darker individual fibers on top of the red base color.

Also, instead of a pen, you could use an air brush. I see people at local fairs and amusement parks making custom T-shirts with airbrushes all the time. An air brush would dramatically reduce your labor. On top of that I’ll echo what Space Mage said and suggest you add a brushed fabric paint to give it some texture. Not necessarily juicy, though, as I imagine a burned arm would look cooked to a certain degree.

Anyway, your stuff looks incredible. Par for the course, in your case. Nice stuff, dude.


thanks for the words gentlemen!

I have a couple more sleeves to play with. One of the reasons I kept with the markers is it being spandex I didn’t want to ruin the stretch.

I will definitely be using my airbrush on the next one, all that red was a nightmare to layer in by pen/marker.

Pre-printed anatomical sleeves would be pretty sweet actually

here it is dried and loose

From what I saw on his arm sleeve it was a silicone arm band? Something that might’ve been sculpted. :rock:

What you did just looks so cool. And would make a brilliant tattoo.

I believe what he wore i believe is a screen printed band like this.

That’s definitely printed, if it was sculpted, it would be thicker and bumpy

agreed, so I think 1 dimension is all I’ll worry about

hi everyone, I’m revisiting this idea and moving forward printing version of the screenused burns designs on an elastic arm band.

Does ANYONE have a high quality image of the arm band from Doug’s YouTube video or a BTS image of the armband?

Have you tried contacting Tait if he has any photos of it?

just spoke with Doug actually and he only has the YouTube video unfortunately

Darn, JJC doesn’t seem to reply to this kind of stuff. I wouldn’t know who else

here is the prototype mock up