When Loomis comes up the stairs to save Laurie he shoots 7 rounds out of a 6 shot revolver. Arrrrrg what a mistake. If this has already been addressed my apologies. Now I have to look at my H1 1978 and see if this is something I have always just overlooked. “I SHOT HIM 7 TIMES” out of my 6 shot revolver. :laughing:

its always been that way in the theatrical version

it is corrected in the tv version

Oh. :smiley:

not even the magical seventh bullet can stop Michael. :laughing:


Haha. It’s true! :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing:

**I noticed the 7th bullet last night when I was watching H2. I’ve watched H2 more times than I can count and I can’t believe that I never noticed Loomis firing 7 shots out of his 6 shot revolver.

It also dawned on me how desolate Hannonfield Memorial is/was. I know Haddonfield is somewhat of a small town but you can’t tell me that the only people we see roaming the halls on Halloween night are Laurie Strode, 1 drunk doctor, 2 paramedics, 3 nurses, 1 candy striper, a fat security guard, a few babies, a mother with her son in the ER, and The Shape. You’d think that we’d see some more people milling around.

Then again, that desolate atmosphere really makes Halloween 2 unnerving and tense.**

Plus in H2 you can clearly see the ramp he walks on when shot off the balcony. Doesn’t happen in H1. Yeah what Hospital have you ever been to where it is that dark and like only 4 people in the whole Hospital. :laughing:

Well, when I used to go pick my Mom up from work on her late shifts, her hospital was usually dark and pretty desolate at about 11pm and until the next morning. This was in Merrillville, Indiana…about 30 miles away from Chicago. Not Haddonfield, but…still…

In the original script and book, it’s stated the Hospital is way outside Haddonfield. Sadly, in the re-shoots for Halloween II; the town square shot where the kid bumps into Myers specifically, it looks like you can walk there.

Halloween II was really re-structured by Carpenter from the Rosenthal cut; Carpenter spent 2 weeks re-editing the entire movie then added pick-up shots.

In the TV cut the shape cuts off the main power so there is a big scene where lights go out which explains why it’s so dark. :slight_smile:
Wish Carpenter left that in the final cut…

Since Carpenter likes to go back to his old formulas, the situation always reminded me of Assault on Precinct 13 :slight_smile:

And Carpenter loves to use/rip off great westerns too. Every single John Carpenter movie is a western; much like when Halloween was dropped in his lap he was like, and I’ll paraphrase the quote…“What’s this crap (Horror Movies); I don’t want to do this, I want to direct westerns.”

Glad that you brought that up Billy!
So true…H1/2 and even The Ward has tons of Argento influences.lol

I actually know where Merrillville is without looking on a map :smiley: