H2, Friday The 13th, Nightmare on Elmstreet

Out of all these new films, which of them do you guys think is made best? which is better in your opinions?

And yes i mean RZ’s H2, and the remakes of friday the 13th and nightmare on elmstreet.


I hated all of them.lol

I liked all 3.

  1. F13
  2. H2
  3. NOES

nightmare on elm street :rock: freddy was beast :smiling_imp:

I liked them ALL!****-Big D

H2 was amazing, A Nightmare on Elm Street is (in my opinion) the greatest remake of all time (considering Halloween 2 isn’t actually a remake) and I HATE the FT13th remake. Its so terrible.

Nightmare was my favorite by far, although I thought Friday the 13th was awesome! H2 was fun to watch I must say, and I liked the mask a lot!


I liked all 3.

I think, over time, Friday the 13th will hold up best.

Then Nightmare, which I enjoyed, but was kind of pointless. I just wish the same team had come up with more original things for Freddy to do. Jackie made a good Freddy, though.

Then H2 in last, which I didn’t hate, but really was a mess. Has some neat ideas and visuals. I still watch it with the rest of the series each Halloween, though. :smiley:


It’s one of my favorite horror movies. To be honest…I think it’s just as good as the 1978 original, in its own way. Laugh all you want, but I think it’s a great movie…wonderful acting, lots of suspense, brutal kills, a creepy autumn atmosphere, and Laurie is a MUCH more interesting character than she ever was when Jamie Lee Curtis portrayed her, in my opinion.

Didn’t really dig these films that much. It’s kind of like asking which one is the best of the worst? I only thought the friday remake was worth buying, I downloaded H2 from a member on the board that made it better and I almost forgot about the freddy remake although Jackie had his cool moments.

they were all stellar…and id have to say nightmare remake was the best…and H2 for best invisionment…F13 was sick mears is crazy…

one thing you cant take away from all three movies is how incredibally excellent all these villains were…could not of found better people if they TRIED.

I liked Friday and Nightmare almost equally - Friday a bit more.

I didn’t like H2 all that much. Maybe it’ll grow on me in time.