H20 Madness!!!

I Recieved m H20 from Morningside today. For what it is i like it.

it gets a 10/10 from the sculpt. this is the most dead on of the Stan Winston H20 sculpt i seen!!!

8/10 from the finishing, im not too big on the blue weathering. But its Really Growing on me and i like it more since the day i opened the box.

so this mask gets a 9/10. I really like it for ^^^^ what it is.

on with the pics.

Great score man, one of the best H20 out there

Congrats! That’s a heck of a score. I think it’s a great looking mask for sure :rock:

that really is a one of a kind H20. congratulations on that score, my friend! that mask is an ABSOLUTE BEAST!

always wish they would have settled on one mask for H20 rather than three and (i’m sorry, just my opinion) that awful CGI mask.

Congrats on that Morningside madness :drinkers: It’s crazy cool :yawinkle:

thanks for the comments guys, but actually 4 masks in H20. The h6 mask was actually sculpted for H20 by Brad Hardin to match the H6 mask :slight_smile:

Congrats on your score there mate, ive got a ssn chris durand on the way!!

No, he didn’t actually. He did the repaints during the filming as well as played The Shape in some of the reshoots and publicity shots.

This H20 was casted off of a screen used mask. Obviously they just did the face of it, it looks to have a sculpted dome on it.

very cool brother. i used to have one with the human hair but sold it to fund some other things i wanted. congratulations!


Nice score brother, thanks for sharing. …ANDY

love it!!!

Yes ik about this h20 casted off the screen used BUT, the h6 seen in the opening scene was not used in H6. It was sculpted for H20 to match the H6 mask by Brad Hardin

Brad didn’t sculpt any myers mask for either of these two movies. You have your facts mixed up.

U are confusing me then what is the Brad Hardin H6 then??? that every one is replicating???

there are 3 masks, he original the reshoot and the one madae for h20.

i cant remember the guys name who made the original, Micheal learner did the reshoot mask, then who did that one for h20???

Those are pulled from the screen used mold and painted by Brad. Brad did the paint/repaints of the screen used masks.

This is a quote i got from someone.

“Hardin worked with John Carl Buechler for the H6 mask…but Hardin did not sculpt it, he helped…he did sculpt the one in the beginning of H20”

so there is the original mask b John, the Reshoot by Michael learner, and the one in H20 by Brad Hardin.

Here is a quote I have from someone. “You have no idea what you are talking about.”

Next time I sit down and have a beer with Brad, I’ll be sure to show him this thread.

Evil can i know why do you always have to argue ??? :angry: :angry: :angry: :imp: :imp: :imp:

Too keep the truth out there. Why should I keep quiet when I see false information getting passed on? Should I keep quiet? Do you want me to tell you he sculpted it? Do you want me to tell you that Terry Lambert is a standup guy and that the Warlock is his work too? I’m just sayin…