H3 melted trio

My H-3 melted trio.
h3 mask trio.png

That’s great! This coming Halloween, my yard is going to be done up like Halloween 5. After that, I thought it would be cool to do a Halloween 3. Buy multiple H3 masks and have it like kids are trick or treating and have a group watch tv with the commercial on the porch or something.

Cool trio you got man! :slight_smile:

Thanks! That sounds killer! You should do a 3 into a 5 theme? If you have a front and back yard? I like your idea!

Thank you! They are old DWN copies, They made new one’s, I like these better. I will post my TOTS trio in a few, They are on cool Santa Mira mask holders!

Always loved the H3 trio! Congrats on owning these 3 fantastic masks!