H4 mask

Does anyone make a H4 mask molded from a screen used?

QOTS makes a 4 mask molded from Paul’s screen used hero. You can check out pics of the mask in his photobucket.

HSS makes one hell of H4 but in my opinion little overpriced…

They’re only $250…

yes imo it’s a bit high, should be $200,even though they are most accurate of all H4’s…

I was unable to find his photobucket do you have a link for it? How would I get a hold of him if I wanted to order one?

http://www.michael-myers.net/phpBB/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=1853 :sunglasses:

And my copy… :slight_smile:

Thanks Kaizu! Great copy too.

Here it is next to the real thing.

You are one lucky person to have that mask! I’d do just about anything to get an actual screen mask.

The QOTS/Crofader mask is by far the most accurate you can get, since it’s cast right from the screen used H4 mask. The only mask you can buy that is!

Here’s a picture of my copy:

Whats the cost on these?

Contact Scott QUIET ON THE SET and he’ll let you know. Not sure if we are still making these or not. If we are there are only 1 or 2 left. Not sure if we will be doing another mold so that might be it.

I sent him a pm earlier but no answer back yet. I hope there is one left. I’d love to own one.

Go with Scotts H4. Best there is !! Glad I got my copy when I did.

Sad news! Just heard from Scott and he doesn’t have anymore and there discontinued. Looks like my only option is to find a member that would want to sell one. Don’t think that will happen tho.

Man, I’m sorry to hear that! Maybe I was lucky enough to snatch one of them when I did, but trust me… I’ve lost out on a lot of great masks in my time, so I feel you :frowning: If I ever get the urge to sell, you’ll be the first person I contact!

Thanks man I appreciate it. I really just started getting into the myers mask collecting and wanted to do all screen used or molded from screen used. I posted on classifieds but Scott said most of the people that bought them no longer on her so I have a feeling Im going to be SOL!

Damn, that’s not good at all :frowning: I know what you mean on just getting masks molded from screen used ones… that’s exactly what I do! Just nothing else feels right to me, you know? I’ll be hoping for you though, man!

Damn it, i was hoping to get a QOTS H4 in the future. Oh well.